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SeaShuttle Corporation Launches Funding Campaign for Its New Flarecraft® SeaWing® Design

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SeaShuttle Corporation Launches Funding Campaign for Its New Flarecraft® SeaWing® Design

August 18
20:49 2020
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Avon, Colorado, USA – August 18, 2020 – Flarecraft® – THE FUTURE OF HIGH-SPEED TRAVEL OVER WATER

“Why go through the waves when you can Flare over them”

SeaWing® Video YouTube Link:

SeaShuttle Corporation (SeaShuttle®) announces a breakthrough in ground-effect craft technology for high-speed travel over water!

Resort Rides * Inter-island/coastal Water-Taxis * Coast Guard Interdiction * Disaster Relief

High-Speed (100+ mph) Inter-Island Water Transportation Networks


SSW2 Demonstration Craft

SSW6 Water-Taxi

SeaShuttle Corporation launched its funding campaign this week. The Company is initially raising $420,000 ($252,000 after-tax deduction cost; IRS Sec 179), for 20% of the Company.

The funds will be used to build their SSW2 (2-seat) Demonstration Craft – to be used at their operations center on Captiva Island, FL (off Ft Myers) to train operators and demonstrate the technology to potential Strategic Partners (ferry operators, airlines, defense contractors, island governments) and Investors.

Upon completion of the SSW2 demonstration and training phase, SeaShuttle Corporation will establish manufacturing for their SSW6 (6-seat) Water-Taxi Craft. An investor can purchase a Craft ($375,000; $225,000 after-tax cost), then lease it to SeaShuttle Corporation for $6,000/month for 42 months (returning the investment), then at lease end convert the residual value into SeaShuttle® stock for long-term equity appreciation.

Our Team on Captiva Island, FL will operate and maintain the Craft at S. Seas Island Resort; a turnkey investment.

About SeaWing® Technology

Mr. William F. Russell, Jr., the inventor, and President of SeaShuttle Corporation, believes this breakthrough technology will reshape the way people travel over water at high-speed in the future; for a market larger than all the airlines combined.

Russell said the Craft are fully molded, skin-loaded, carbon fiber construction. The design incorporates a new ‘tunnel-duct’ powerplant system that disguises the engine and propeller (see pictures above), uses their proprietary ‘super-cavitating’ hydrofoil system for takeoffs/landings, and has folding wings for easy shipment anywhere in the world. Russell has raised over $25 million over 15 years developing the technology, first with the L325 design then the new SeaWing® Design.

The Director of Aeronautical Design for Flarecraft Corporation, and one of today’s leading aerodynamicist, with 54 aircraft to his name (two of which are in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C.) explains: “The design has solved the fundamental problem of ‘pitch-up’ while uniquely increasing lift (18%) and stability in ground-effect”.

“Why go through the waves when you can Flare over them.”

Media Contact
Company Name: SeaShuttle Corporation
Contact Person: William F. Russell, Jr., President
Email: Send Email
Phone: 970-688-0948
Country: United States

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