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“The Silent Vigilante” New Book by Warren Pearlman – Vigilante or Rule Breaker?

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“The Silent Vigilante” New Book by Warren Pearlman – Vigilante or Rule Breaker?

October 24
09:34 2020

The Silent Vigilante by Warren Pearlman is a mesmerizing tale of a man who, faced with seemingly no other choice, decided to act in the only way he could imagine. With two members of his family killed in two tragic accidents, the police unable to help, and an inability to think beyond his grief, he joined the military. Caught up with the author to discuss what happened next…

“I enjoyed writing this book so much because of all the different routes I could take it down. By having a main character who was quiet and unassuming it allowed me to really keep the reader on the edge of their seat when it came time to figure what he would do next. The great thing about this is that it means you never quite know what he is going to, what will happen, or how the rest of the world will judge him. I wanted to build that feeling of uncertainty and lack of direction that so many endure when they have to deal with a loved one’s untimely passing.”

Interesting, so what route does the story take, and are we supposed to like Frank?

“In his heart Frank is a good man and a kind man, but he is dealing with a loss the only way he knows how. He’s thrown himself into a new career in the military with little thought for his own safety so that he can occupy his mind, but it would be too simple to write his story so that he was hellbent on revenge from the moment the accidents happened. Instead, things evolve naturally over time, opportunities present themselves, and you start to get inside Frank’s mind as he makes decisions that he always weighs up and thinks through. This is not a man out of control, but a man seeking to give control to himself and to others.”

Loving this approach to storytelling, so what are the author’s final thoughts on Frank?

“I want him to be seen as a modern day vigilante who stands up for what’s right, even when the rules strictly say that you shouldn’t. He has followed them his entire life, abided by them and made sure that those closest to him feel safe around him. But now, with his family gone and no help seemingly coming to his aid, he begins to realize that there are times in life when you really do have to take things into your own hands. It’s this tipping point that I really want everyone who reads my book to enjoy and to immerse themselves in. The judgement on whether he’s good or bad I will leave to each reader, but all I will say is that the way his efforts are received by those he helps along the way is very telling indeed…”

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