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“The Evenings and the Mornings” New Book by Ilya Sapozhnikov

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“The Evenings and the Mornings” New Book by Ilya Sapozhnikov

November 24
12:58 2020

There are different kinds of books in the world: books-teachers, book-advisors, book-judges, books-entertainers, and many others.

A very rare kind of books is the book – a friend, that feels like a soul mate who shares with thoughts and emotions.

Beginning the collection of poems titled “The Evenings and the Mornings” written by Ilya Sapozhnikov (Xlibris, 2018) allows anyone to enter the familiar but sometimes suppressed world of ideas and moods that are courageously put in words by the debutant author of this short extraordinary book.

The luminous style of the verses allows the reader not only to enjoy the multilayered content of the poems, but brings to him/her the feeling that the author verbalizes their own thoughts and emotions.

The book is an attempt to ask the universal questions related to the human condition in the flow of life: the parting from the loved ones, the irreversible changes brought about by aging, the consoling power of the memories of childhood, the never-withering desire to be understood and loved, the fears and the hopes for a better tomorrow, the firm belief that everything that happens to mankind is not accidental.

These questions come to everybody but are asked plainly and legibly by the unique poetical voice of Ilya Sapozhnikov, the author of the book.

Although the answers to these eternal questions are always open, the whole tone of this poetical collection at least elevates the reader above the routine of habitual existence to the spheres of the spiritual realm and the search of the meaning of one’s life.

The only tool that the writer has is the language.

The precise and nuanced words chosen by Ilya Sapozhnikov, who intentionally escapes any false traps of the artificial complexity, help the reader to feel the intellectual and the emotional power of the poems.

In fact, the life story of Ilya Sapozhnikov is quite extraordinary.

He has been born, raised, educated, received his degrees of M.D. and Ph.D., worked as a physician and a scientist in the field of cardiology in the former Soviet Union.

Almost thirty years ago he has immigrated to the USA together with his family.

Here he started his educational career, and now teaches medicine related courses in biology at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Although he has published more the seventy scientific papers and coauthored four books related to the field of medicine, “The Evenings and the Mornings” is his first book of poetry.

“The Evenings and the Mornings” by Ilya Sapozhnikov (Xlibris, 2018) are available on the

Dr. Ilya Sapozhnikov can be reached at [email protected].


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