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DART Platform Adds Institution Focused Crypto Investment Projects

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DART Platform Adds Institution Focused Crypto Investment Projects

January 06
23:18 2022
The DART project has announced it is adding new financial products specifically for Accredited and Institution investors that would like to participate in the crypto markets, but wish to stay out of the highly volatile price action of the market.

Following the last article of the launch of DART’s High-Velocity Algorithmic Trading Marketplace, the DART (Decentralized Autonomous Resource Tracker) project is introducing new ‘Vault’ products which are investment accounts managed by SEC-registered Funds in the background. Instead of purchasing and ‘hodling’ crypto tokens, this vehicle instead uses the blockchain as the ledger and transaction mechanism for investments that are backed by ‘real world resources’.

Mr. Rits, a key advisor and 30 year veteran of the finance markets mentioned:

“At some point, the blockchain enthusiasts will move past the ‘tokens’ and start focusing on mechanisms that bring traditional markets like Real Estate, Energy assets, Manufacturing, etc into play with the blockchain tech. That’s our focus with the launch of this offering.”

The DART Vault offerings will be available to Investors that pass an accreditation check in compliance with the SEC regulations and will be able to select from products that are structured similarly to Bank CDs with a fixed duration and pre-defined returns. Except, the team notes, the returns are roughly 400% higher than those of traditional bank products.

The crypto markets have been waiting on more institutional and large-scale investors to enter the market and help mature what has long been held up as the ‘Bitcoin Promise’ – an easier, more open, and more efficient economy for all. DART hopes to be a key leader in the space with partnerships with multiple Funds already in the works, and interest from significant investor networks. Needless to say, many are watching how this impacts the nascent blockchain industry.

DART – The Decentralized Auditable Resource Tracker; Designed To Push The Limits Of The Blockchain Ecosystem While Empowering The Masses.

Learn more in the official DART website:

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