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The most imaginative watch: AGELOCER space station launched on Indiegogo

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The most imaginative watch: AGELOCER space station launched on Indiegogo

January 18
20:18 2022

Every adult should have a unique and meaningful watch. The meticulously crafted movement and polishing process of the mechanical watch will always show the ultimate mechanical charm. The distinctive mechanical watch will always become the highlight of accessories and a symbol of individuality. AGELOCER, a mechanical watch brand from China, is committed to creating a mechanical watch with a unique theme, which is ingenious in design.

After more than three years of concept discussion, design, prototyping and testing, they recently launched a new product based on the space station as the creative starting point, which was launched on Indiegogo on January 17.


INDIEGOGO is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world, covering more than 220 countries and regions around the world. It is a platform with international influence and popularity. Before AGELOCER was launched on the INDIEGOGO platform, AGELOCER was already well known in the international design community. As a brand specializing in mechanical watches, as of 2021, the brand has won 12 international design awards, including the 2020 London Design Award, the 2021 Berlin Design Award, the 2021 Italian A Design Award, and the 2021 CGD Contemporary Good Design Award, 2022 Germany Design Award. This is an affirmation of the bold and innovative design and superb technology of the AGELOCER mechanical watch.

The most imaginative universe watch

Everything in the world has achieved the design inspiration of AGELOCER, so that the mechanical timepiece is not only a tool to tell time, but also an exploration of the world in different mechanical forms. The space station series watch takes the vast universe as the background of the story, integrates the elements of technology and aerospace into the traditional mechanical watch, and depicts the concept of “Space Station” and the spirit of fearless exploration on the dial.


In many science fiction novels and movies, you must have seen annular space stations that can simulate gravity with centrifugal force, but due to technical limitations, space stations in reality are generally not annular, and their shapes are not regular. It looks like a “T” shape. To this day, microgravity research is still an important topic to be solved in space navigation research.

The design inspiration for this product is neither entirely based on reality nor out of touch with reality. The entire frame shape of the space station series watch is evolved from the shape of the International Space Station. The minute hand and the truss on the dial resemble the robotic arm and kinetic energy system of the space station, paying tribute to the great achievement of human space navigation.

Imagining the technological breakthrough of the future space station, AGELOCER designed the hour dial and small second dial into a ring space station in the future world through bold creativity, implying the beautiful yearning for the exploration of the universe, and it is a watch that lovers of the universe concept must not miss.

Innovative three-hand split hour hand design

In addition to the imagination in appearance, AGELOCER never stops thinking about interesting ways of expressing time. The space station series products reconstruct the dial structure, break the traditional watch’s three-hand travel time mode, and innovatively adopt the three-hand separation design. The hour hand, minute hand and second hand have independent travel time systems, which revolve around different axes and precisely interact with each other. Cooperate without interfering with each other, and express the time accurately. In a new way of time travel, a mechanical watch that meets the aesthetics of young people is created, which is beautiful and interesting.

For a long time, AGELCOER’s original design watches, just like the brand’s design concept “Always surprised”, bring people unprecedented surprises every time a new product is launched, and become an exclusive watch for young people to show their unique personality. During the crowdfunding period, the AGELCOER space station series also gave a preferential price, and you can own it for $369. If you are interested in this watch, you can log in to Indiegogo for more details.


Watch parameters:

Size: 42mm*42mm

Thickness: 11mm

Length: 165-220mm

Weight: 95.6g

Case material: 316L stainless steel

Strap material: cowhide

Movement: Cal.A3350 automatic mechanical movement, exclusive to the AGELOCER brand

Running time: 40 hours

Vibration frequency: 21600v.p.h

Accuracy: within ±15 seconds / 24 hours

Gems: 27 rubies

Waterproof: 50m

Email address: [email protected]
Contact: Ken yip

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