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JASMINER, the new money management option

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JASMINER, the new money management option

January 20
16:30 2022

In the past two years, financial institutions such as fund companies, Internet financial platforms, banks and insurance companies have rushed to launch various cash-based wealth management products, and the rapid rise of the digital currency industry has also provided the public with increasingly rich choices for investment and wealth management.

Everyone who is engaged in investment and financial management usually has his own preferences when choosing financial products. Some people may be more focused on yield, some may be more focused on security, and still others may be more focused on liquidity. Today, let’s talk about the financial products that are worth starting for professional financial investors and novices.

The first is demand deposits. If everyone keeps their money in the bank account and ignores them, they can also get a little extra money. By choosing the method of deposit, you can withdraw money at any time when you need it, but the interest you can get is very low.

The second is fixed income products. For most wage earners, 40% of their funds can be invested in some fixed-income products, with low risk and higher returns than bank deposits. Among all the financial products of financial management, mutual funds are the most popular financial management methods. According to the transaction methods, they can be divided into: open-end funds, closed-end funds, stock exchange funds and so on.

In addition, there is the reverse repurchase of short-term government bonds. Newcomers in the workplace who speculate in stocks can use the reverse repurchase of government bonds to manage their idle funds if they have spare money in their stock accounts. In layman’s terms, the reverse repurchase of treasury bonds is to lend money to others, the other party pays the interest, and uses the bonds in hand as pledge, and the yield is determined when the transaction is completed. The yield of the reverse repurchase of treasury bonds changes in real time like the stock price, and there will be ups and downs in the intraday. If you choose to carry out the reverse repurchase when the intraday yield is high, you will get a relatively high return.

Finally, there is digital currency. In the more than ten years since the birth of blockchain technology, the digital asset investment market has achieved explosive growth, giving birth to huge wealth opportunities. According to a recent report by digital asset investment guidance provider Two Prime: “Based on our analysis of ETH price performance, derivatives markets and on-chain data, we believe Ethereum has earned a place alongside Bitcoin as an institutional-grade investment, store of value, and treasury reserve asset.” The current price of Ethereum is around $3,111, up more than 900% in the past year.

At present, the number of Ethereum destruction continues to increase, which will lead to the continuous reduction of the number of Ethereum in the future, and the reduction of the number of Ethereum, then the value of Ethereum will increase. Some experts said: In the future, the value of Ethereum will definitely surpass the value of Bitcoin, the value of Ethereum will increase, and the value of Ethereum will continue to increase. As the cheapest and fastest way to invest in Ethereum, mining can help investors enter the digital currency market. Before that, it is especially important to choose an excellent Mining Rigs.

Among the world’s professional ASIC Ethereum Mining Rigs manufacturers, JASMINER is the dark horse with the strongest momentum, and its entire series of products is the “money printing machine” that will never power off. Take the JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server as an example, the market price is 68000, the computing power is 520MH/s±10%, and the power consumption is about 240 W. We calculate the electricity cost at USD 0.04. According to the latest data, the daily output of coins is about 0.00001648/day. At the current price of USD 3103.74 / ETH yuan, the daily income generated by JASMINER X4 is USD 26.60. The daily electricity consumption of JASMINER X4 is about 5.76 kWh, and each kWh of electricity is about 0.04 US dollars. The electricity bill is about 0.27 US dollars in one day. Therefore, in the case of low power consumption, the mining cost per day is about 0.27 US dollars, and the daily mining net income is about 26.59 US dollars. The net income of the mining machine can also be seen by comparing the daily profits.

It can be seen that among these financial products, the market of digital currency is improving. As a professional ASIC Ethereum mining machine provider, JASMINE can provide stable interest income for digital asset management under the current uncertain market conditions. It is the best choice for stable investors who have just entered the blockchain field, lack first-line investment experience, or even have been in the industry for many years.

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