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Israel’s 21st Century Symbol of Reconciliation with the Arab World is Called “Abraham Peace Gate”

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Israel’s 21st Century Symbol of Reconciliation with the Arab World is Called “Abraham Peace Gate”

January 21
00:59 2022

RABAT, MOROCCO – The Abraham Peace Accords, initiated and supported by the United States of America, brought various signatories from various countries to set forth aspirations for civil societies to come together and build a new era of peace full of endless possibilities.

How the Memorial Came to Be 

Civil society and academic actors from Israel and Morocco decided to join forces to build multiple bridges in different sectors to consolidate this historic coming together momentum in the name of peace and to shape a roadmap to building a shared future based on dialogue and cooperation.

The Abraham Peace Gate Founder Ph.D. Jalal Nali was interviewed live by i24News on December 23rd, where he unveiled the Abraham Peace Gate initiative details in a live interview. i24News described the Abraham Peace Gate initiative as a “unique idea” on commemorating and promoting peace through civic engagement.


Pic: Jalal Nali, Founder of Abraham Peace Gate

“Pursuing peace requires our collective efforts to unite and build bridges; our fragile multipolar world was built by visionary people who dared to envision a clear roadmap where others saw dreams.” – Jalal Nali

Consultations with Dr. Emmanuel Navon, a renowned Israeli author, and thinker equally eager to see The Abraham Peace Gate initiative reaching a broader audience of academics and economists partnered with Mr. Nali to extend the tentacles of the said initiative through academic conferences and linking economic actors together to allow civil society to achieve the fullest potential of such a warm resumption of relations.

The efforts consented at the organizational level are paving the road towards solid foundations to see the monument’s construction launch as soon as Covid-19 constraints ease; the Abraham Peace Gate is the 21st-century most prominent peace memorial. 

The Memorial’s Design 

The Prophet Abraham is the spiritual father of the three main monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; therefore, he was chosen as a unifying figure at best. 

The Memorial is a fusion of Judaeo-Christian-Islamic design inspired by Moroccan traditional architecture. It includes a series of 27 depictions symbolizing the 27 gates in Jerusalem’s Old City Walls. Also, it was purposefully designed with no spatial hierarchy between religions. The Abraham Peace Gate serves as a symbol that gathers momentum. The Gate stands as a “One World, one humankind getting together in peace.” 


A Monument to Reconciliation 

When this long-awaited peace dream became a warm reality, it gave birth to a vision where all involved countries united to build a shared and inclusive future for all countries sharing the same values and expectations. Future generations will look back and remember that peace was built, and it is a constant exercise of compromise, pragmatism, and shared values.

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