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The infrastructure of web3, the Double-A Chain mainnet swap started, and the journey to the Metaverse set off

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The infrastructure of web3, the Double-A Chain mainnet swap started, and the journey to the Metaverse set off

April 20
18:43 2022

Double-A Chain officially affirmed their mainnet swap recently. Huobi Global and several other significant exchanges also supported the AAC (Double-A Chain) mainnet swap. At the same time, The project side will upgrade the AAC token from the ERC20 network to the mainnet (Double-A chain Mainnet) token.

Double-A Chain is a public chain that was established for five years. The mainnet swap is to better support the construction of the Metaverse and web3 and deliver global developers with a more pleasing user experience. The upgraded Double-A Chain deploys DEX applications through their cross-chain bridge. Make AAC tokens flow freely between Double-A Chain, Ethereum, BSC, POLYGON, and HECO. The ecological development will support the cross-chain circulation of more assets in the future.

Although mainstream public chains currently occupy a considerable percentage of the market, there are still many possibilities for new public chains. With the favor from the public of the Metaverse concept, the new public chain represented by Double-A Chain is more adaptable in terms of technology development and ecological construction than the mainstream public chain. It can develop customized web3 systems in a more targeted manner. After the mainnet swap is completed, the Double-A Chain network will be very fast, the gas fee is almost zero, and it supports the Ethereum virtual machine. Double-A Chain can attract some high-quality protocols and developers by benchmarking the security of Ethereum. On the other hand, it can provide developers and users with a better user experience than Ethereum and create more innovative and better experience metaverse applications.

Since 2021, with the rise of the NFT and GameFi concept, the blockchain industry has become popular again, breaking through the previous ceiling and allowing everyone to see a broader blockchain world beyond DeFi. Double-A Chain follows the current trend and starts their Metaverse and web3 journey. Many innovative applications announce their interest in joining the Double-A Chain ecosystem in a brief period.

The world’s first DAO-based NFT trading platform, iNFTspace, announced that it had joined the Double-A Chain ecosystem to support the minting and issuance of NFTs on the Double-A Chain. iNFTspace supports the flexible display of NFTs and supports diversified transaction methods, including buy it now and NFT auction. What is more innovative is that iNFTspace has launched a DAO-based community development and transaction mining model, which can achieve better NFT liquidity and community feedback. In addition, iNFTspace has also established vast community channels and promotion resources, which can better help NFT creators improve the value of their works. iNFTspace has started cooperation with contemporary artists FFAN, ANNA KAZMINA, and Adams. The community believes that the entry of iNFTspace will become the gateway for Double-A Chain users to enter the Metaverse.

In addition, the world’s first web3 browser games aggregation platform also announced to support Double-A Chain, and developers can launch blockchain games based on Double-A Chain on this platform in the future. Compared with the current complicated blockchain games, this platform will focus more on blockchain browser games. Because the blockchain browser game lowers the threshold for new players to participate, it is easy to increase the game’s playability, and it is easier to be accepted by the masses. The entry of the web3 browser game aggregation platform allows the traffic, funds, and users of traditional games to enter the market, which means a massive opportunity for blockchain games.

On top of NFT and GameFi, innovative applications such as the influencer advertising platform have also announced their support for Double-A Chain. So far, Double-A Chain is no longer just a single underlying public chain but has expanded into a multi-dimensional ecology, including Double-A Chain public chain, support for oracles, and asset cross-chain. Provide developers with one-stop blockchain solutions and meet the needs of ordinary users for multi-chain asset circulation, NFT, and blockchain games.

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