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Molecular Future uses MOF as the platform token to create a comprehensive blockchain industry ecosystem centered on MOF

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Molecular Future uses MOF as the platform token to create a comprehensive blockchain industry ecosystem centered on MOF

April 29
01:11 2022

Since the introduction of blockchain technology, it has been a great success in many public projects due to its reliability, continuity, transfer speed, transparency, privacy protection, and other characteristics, and has also posed a great challenge to traditional systems. Nowadays, blockchain technology has been applied to many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (means of payment), Monroe (privacy protection), and Ethereum (smart contract platform), all of which have embedded protocols and distributed applications.

Meanwhile, blockchain technology is also applied to other application projects, such as MaticNetwork (for DApps) and Augur (for forecasting), etc. From the technical point of view, blockchain brings a fair and transparent network mechanism to human beings, and its non-tamperability ensures the sanctity of the on-chain wealth of blockchain applicants. With the increasing popularity of digital asset trading, the financial industry in the traditional world is born to mirror and grow rapidly in the blockchain world, and the market demand for a stable, efficient and credible financial public chain is becoming more and more urgent. Despite the rapid development of blockchain technology, however, to date, in the global financial market with daily transactions amounting to tens of trillions of dollars, there is still no real blockchain financial project to provide relevant services to users. There is no doubt that the financial infrastructure built by the financial giants over time has built an extremely high barrier of entry for the financial industry. Financial giants make use of traditional financial facilities to manage the way users save and invest, and use this to charge high fees from users.

One of the main reasons why blockchain technology has been hailed as a revolution that could change the way money, business and the world work is because of its natural reliability and security as an implementation of a massively replicated and distributed ledger. Specifically, it is embodied in the fact that each block on the blockchain must be verified by a node, and each newly generated block will contain all the verification data from the previous block, making it impossible for a malicious hacker to simply change the data in any given block.

Although it is still early stages for blockchain technology to enter the global financial market, it is becoming increasingly popular among global financial markets and investors due to its tremendous growth and potential.

2021 is the year when capital flooded into the DeFi market, which stands for “decentralized finance”. According to a report published by Chainalysis, the total volume of large institutions in the DeFi space rose from 10% in the third quarter of 2020 to more than 60% in the second quarter of 2021, and a lot of money is rapidly entering the DeFi space. Approximately 47% of traditional hedge fund managers are expected to invest $180 billion of assets in the cryptocurrency space. Leading global investment institutions are making a big push in the DeFi space.

In order for these investment institutions to better carry out their investment activities in the cryptocurrency sector and also to guarantee the security of transactions, a fact that cannot be ignored is the need to strengthen DeFi’s related platform, which will also lead to the development of related companies and the attention of capital.

In the Defi ecosystem, the user-oriented one-stop investment service platform becomes the core engine, with easy operation and the ability to help users access the dividends of the digital world, and the one-stop investment platform gradually matures. Molecular Future, which focuses on deep exploration of value applications, technology development, digital asset management and other directions in the blockchain field, is a company dedicated to building a global one-stop digital asset investment service platform. Molecular Future uses MOF as the platform token to create a comprehensive blockchain industry ecosystem centered on MOF, which can tailor investment solutions for users according to their needs. Currency Increase provides digital asset management services for users, while Currency Pledge solves financing problems for high-quality projects. Molecular Future will also establish a new blockchain decentralized community to enable community information sharing so that more users can benefit from it.

DeFi is the future, but if the platform does not prioritize the safety of consumer funds and ease of use, the platform will gradually lose users, while Molecular Future has constructed a reasonable platform framework while perfectly realizing the design of the program through technical means, which is simple, safe and efficient. There is no doubt that the Defi world will allow every user around the world to get their own digital dividends in a bright and flourishing future.

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