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GKFLY, a Leading Car Jump Starter, Started Its Business Based on the Founder’s Personal Experience

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GKFLY, a Leading Car Jump Starter, Started Its Business Based on the Founder’s Personal Experience

November 18
15:29 2022

Over the past ten years, GKFLY, a car jump starter brand, has persistently adhered to stable quality and more favorable prices. The company has been strictly controlling battery materials and strictly maintaining high-profit margins. In addition, they have formed a complete production and sales system that effectively controls the quality of each product from beginning to end. Their products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

“In 2012, during a long-distance drive in extreme weather conditions, one of our founders’ vehicles stalled at night and became stuck in a snowbank for several hours before help arrived. This terrifying experience inspired us to create an emergency car battery that could start up any vehicle—no matter how old or new, light or heavy, small or large—in an instant. This would give drivers the freedom to travel without worrying about their cars’ performance and without needing to carry multiple heavy car batteries in case of emergencies,” said one of GKFLY staff. We conducted industry research and market analysis to see what was already available. “We found only one product that was similar to what we were trying to create: a small, portable power bank that released hundreds of amperes through two clamps (Red=positive; Black=negative) for starting cars in any emergency. In 2013, the brand GKFLY was born.”


GKFLY’s emergency car jump starter solves the problem of starting a car with a dead battery when it comes to driving long distances. It can start a 12V automobile with a flat battery and has a built-in 1200A peak current and 16000mAh battery that can start a petrol car with a 5.0L engine in 3 seconds. No more calling a mechanic to come out and charge your battery or towing your car to the shop. Instead, you’ll be able to get back on the road in no time at all, thanks to our emergency car jump starter!


For over a decade, GKFLY has been dedicated to providing the best quality car jump starters and related products at an affordable price. GKFLY Jump Starter has withstood rigorous testing to ensure that it can reliably start a wide range of cars, from economy sedans to large SUVs. With a large battery capacity and powerful starting capabilities, GKFLY car jump starters are designed for daily use. They are suitable for everyday users who wish to have peace of mind when their vehicles fail to start without warning. Following the success of GKFLY, the founder started to establish a new brand and manufacture a portable electric vehicle charger, the Teschev EV Charger.

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