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Technology revolution accelerates AMCAP’s digital intelligence transformation efforts

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Technology revolution accelerates AMCAP’s digital intelligence transformation efforts

February 28
22:46 2023

The recent meteoric rise in popularity of ChatGPT is indicative of the fact that technology innovation has replaced industrial change as the primary driver of global economic growth in the wake of the current wave of technological revolution. All sectors are undergoing a digital and intelligent change at a rapid pace as a result of the current wave of digitalization, and the financial sector is no different.

AMCAP Group believes that there is a greater need for financial institutions to accelerate the use of technology to reinvent old business structures and service models, as well as to boost financial institutions’ core competitiveness. In recent years, AMCAP Group’s financial sector transformation has shifted from traditional capital management to complete digital intelligence in order to improve service levels and contribute to the economy’s qualitative development. In this process, AMCAP Group has collaborated with third-party technology companies to leverage next-generation information technology, such as online information processing and intelligent digital risk control, as key drivers to further promote the transformation, upgrading, and innovation of wealth management and wealth management business.

Based on the current state of major financial institutions’ digital transformations, AMCAP Group proposes three primary avenues for the digital intelligence transformation of asset management institutions in the future era: The first is the increasing prevalence of digital features in commercial enterprises. The localization of corporate processes into the digital realm is the second. The third is internal operations and management that have been digitised. Institutions devoted to asset management create cutting-edge digital strategy designs, expand their operations internationally to standardise their ways of thinking, and advocate for the implementation of structural and procedural innovations. AMCAP Group is actively introducing third-party technology firms to engage and contribute in its digital intelligence and technological financial transformation. AMCAP Group, as an international wealth and management institution, uses its own technology practise and empowerment experience in the financial sector to create a technology-enabled online service platform that enables online processing of multiple business scenarios. This is made possible by the advent of the new generation of information technology, which has been identified as the key driver in promoting the transformation, upgrading, and innovation of the financial industry in the digital intelligence era.

The AMCAP Group Asia Pacific Management has set some ambitious goals for the company’s development in 2023, including increasing processing efficiency, developing novel interaction methods, enhancing the customer experience, fully activating capital management, broadening the scope of services, and promoting the growth of consumer finance momentum. AMCAP will implement cutting-edge technological solutions into finely-tuned business scenarios in order to aid in the centralization of risk avoidance and management and the activation of data’s worth.

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