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BitValue announced the Investment in Spield Algorithm, which is Shaping the Future of AI Quantitative Analysis

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BitValue announced the Investment in Spield Algorithm, which is Shaping the Future of AI Quantitative Analysis

March 08
00:17 2023

Web3 is rapidly changing the world, and an increasing number of people are recognizing its importance. As a fund with a strong background in quantitative trading, BitValue recently invested in Spield Algorithm, a quantitative trading company from North America. The core team of Spield Algorithm has managed over $10 billion in hedge funds, possesses extensive experience in asset management and quantitative trading, and has served multiple IPO companies;Currently, Spield manages $3 billion in crypto assets and act as a liquidity provider for some of the top-tier CEXs, Spield Algorithm now utilizes advanced AI algorithms to enhance their trading capabilities and quantitative analysis capabilities, with the goal of becoming the leading AI quantitative trading&analysis team globally. This news has generated a lot of attention in the industry, as it means that BitValue’s influence will be further expanded while injecting new momentum into the development of the Web3 industry.

As an experienced investment institution in quantitative trading, BitValue is exploring ways to offer value-added services to its invested projects for their better development and success. The addition of Spield Algorithm will bring more value to the projects that BitValue participates in, as Spield not only has a wealth of experience in investment but also possesses advanced AI technologies and algorithms that can help BitValue to better understand the market trends and identify better investment opportunities.

For the Web3 industry, this news is incredibly positive. The development of Web3 technology requires strong financial support, and BitValue’s investment injects new energy into the industry. Furthermore, Spield’s involvement can inspire other quantitative companies to adopt better AI technologies and algorithms to remain competitive in this data-driven era. Companies that can use these technologies and algorithms more effectively will become leaders in the future.

Overall, BitValue‘s investment in Spield Algorithm confirms the importance of the new generation of AI quantitative trading and analysis in the Web3 industry. We believe that this partnership will allow BitValue to further leverage its influence and inject even more momentum into the Web3 industry, ultimately making significant contributions to the sector!

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