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PixiaAl Unlocks the New Technology and Unveils an AI-Powered Decentralized App for Instant NFT Generation on WEB3 Blockchain

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PixiaAl Unlocks the New Technology and Unveils an AI-Powered Decentralized App for Instant NFT Generation on WEB3 Blockchain

March 16
02:16 2023
Pixia, a Web3 cryptocurrency start-up, has just developed an art/video creation platform using AI-generated art and videos that enables artists and businesses to instantaneously create entire NFT collections on a decentralized application.

In the latest development of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency space, PixiaAI unlocks the new technology and unveils an AI-powered decentralized app for instant NFT generation on Web3 blockchain. A dedicated team creates a decentralized AI art and video creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to bring their creative ideas to life. Utilizing the new platform, users can now access unique features, including staking, liquidity allocation, token burns, and the immediate creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or video graphics content. The users can be achieved as the newly released Pixia decentralized app, entirely powered by artificial intelligence. 


As part of the newly designed application, users can now create collections of NFTs generated on its platform, which can then be used and listed on Open Sea or other NFT listing platforms. Pixia challenges short-sighted projects and deceptive scams that have plagued the NFT market, focusing on responsible and sustainable practices. 

In addition, the decentralized application only increases visibility but also real functionality. The application also utilizes a Twitter bot that users can engage with to immerse themselves in personalized AI-generated images and text. Businesses and marketers can use the Pixia bot to create tailored art pieces for their clients and unique graphics for their websites. Users can tag the account (@PixiaAi) in their tweets, include relevant hashtags (#TellMe or #Imagine), and a prompt or image link to generate the artwork instantaneously. The Pixia bot is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create stunning artwork with the help of AI. Furthermore, Twitter has approved the use of Pixia’s AI as it has given it access to elevated functions of its API to support up to 2M tweets per month. 

Furthermore, Pixia’s ease of use, cutting-edge features, and sustainable ecosystem make it the future of the decentralized AI art and video creation industry. The decentralized platform revolutionized the development of NFTs. Projects no longer need to pay individuals to provide art for their aspiring platforms, as PixiaAI can create NFTs instantaneously. With its emphasis on collaboration and community building, it is possible PixiaAI can become a go-to platform for artists and creators who want to bring their ideas to life with ease and in a sustainable manner. 

About PixiaAI: 

PixiaAi is a web3 cryptocurrency that capitalizes on the budding artificial intelligence ecosystem within the decentralized finance community. The artificial intelligence developed by the team creates the opportunity to transform the space by automating the creation of typical Web 3.0 aspects such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The total supply of PixiaAi is 100 million tokens, and a 4.5% token tax is applied to all buy and sell transactions. 

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