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Frankie Isis – Is Changing the Dynamics of the Hip-hop Industry

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Frankie Isis – Is Changing the Dynamics of the Hip-hop Industry

March 22
01:45 2023

Being one of the members of an upcoming hip-hop or Rap group hailing from Detroit, Frankie Isis is making his mark everywhere he goes.

Right from the start, he has been a part of this band that consisted of 5 more members besides him. They were namely: Luey Hussein, Chiino binLaden, Sconi Wayne and KOTA. Frankie Isis was an important part of the band and wanted to take them to greater heights right from the start. Frank Isis is talented, ambitious, and extremely hard-working. He would put in hours and hours of practice before he would put his music out there. However, life has been hard for him.

Raised by a single mother, Frank Isis was always in a deprival state from a young age. He had four other siblings to take care of. He was raised with his brothers who were also a part of his band. To help their mother, the boys took to the street. They wanted to make their name in the music journey but the path was long and tiring. They were ready to give their blood and sweat to achieve what they wanted.

Although the boys tried their best, they never got any luck. Their personal lives got on the path of their career over and over again. They were marginalized throughout. From street violence to jail sentences, everything held them back. All these impediments were so intense that they could not pursue their love for music wholeheartedly. There was always something or the other holding Isis back.

Between the years of 2001 to 2018, Frank Isis struggled a lot to maintain stability in his life. From Detroit to Bay City, he was deported, harassed, and even imprisoned. Things changed drastically in the year 2021 for the boys. As the world was battling a global pandemic, the siblings were struggling with their losses. They lost their mother, grandmother, and two close aunties all in the proximity of a week. It was devastating for them.

Everything was ruined for them in a couple of days. Frank Isis knew that this was no less than a wake-up call for him and his boys. They took this chance to make a comeback in the music industry and make their mark. This time, they are here to stay and change fate.

Frankie Isis is also determined to start a solo career in music by his stage name. He has all the experience, calibre, and talent that it takes to make it big in music. He also wants to take his band to the next level of their career and build a reputation of their own.

Adhering to this, Frank Isis signed a deal with Grammy-winning Artist/CEO Luca Dayz under his Label “Bentley Records”. His first album titled, “Illegal Activities” will be released by Mid-summer in 2023. This album will be followed by another named “Overdose” which has over 18 new songs in it.

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