Capital News Introduces Premium Microballoons with Silane-Coated Glass Microspheres for Enhanced End Products

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December 12
10:02 2023, innovatively founded by Michael Mcamis of SacPig Bait Co., proudly announces the exclusive introduction of its Premium Glass Microballoons – Silane-Coated. This innovative product, born from relentless research and development, represents a substantial leap forward for companies and makers who incorporate microspheres into a wide spectrum of products, hobbies, and creative endeavors.

Speaking to the media, Michael Mcamis shares his enthusiasm: “Our initial quest was to enhance bait making, but it unexpectedly led us to discover these extraordinary microballoons. Our extensive R&D not only unearthed but also refined these microballoons, revealing their immense potential for a wide range of applications.”

Distinguishing Features of’s Microballoons:

  • Versatility: These glass microspheres are exceptionally adaptable, ideal for applications ranging from crafting resin baits and building hobby models to commercial products.
  • Integration: Easily compatible with existing systems like Alumilite or System 3, requiring minimal adjustments for optimal performance.
  • Performance: These microballoons deliver superior structural integrity, hardness, and strength. They also enhance ease of sanding and offer an improved screw bite.
  • Innovative Coating: The silane coating is a significant innovation, strengthening the bond between resin and microballoons for a more durable and robust end product.

Michael Mcamis stresses the importance of this innovation: “The silane coating transcends conventional bonding techniques. It’s about crafting a resilient and enduring end product.”

The Role of Silane Coupling Agents: Silane coupling agents are key in these glass microballoons, forming sturdy chemical bonds between glass microspheres and various materials, resulting in unparalleled adhesion and durability.

Michael Mcamis highlights the unique attributes of their fresh endeavor: “Our premium glass microballoons are more than just a material; it’s a meticulously developed solution, catering to the diverse requirements of our customers.” This statement encapsulates the philosophy of, a newly launched brand that builds on the legacy of a domain established over 20 years ago, blending rich history with innovative beginnings.

About Michael Mcamis – CEO of

Michael Mcamis, CEO of and a renowned entrepreneur in custom craft lure design at SacPig Bait Co., developed Premium Glass Microballoons – Silane-Coated. Driven by a desire for superior quality, his innovation offers transformative solutions for various applications.

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